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This section contains a list of known issues with the current build. We hope to address these in the future.

Known Issues

  • The ARK API has a bug prohibiting automated ceramic data retrieval.
  • We had to implement a deprecated class (ParticleSystem.emissionRate) to control the particle emissions because we couldn't get its replacement (ParticleSystem.emission.rate) to work properly. This definitely needs to be updated before support for this class is dropped.
  • The cursor in the current build is very buggy and continues to manipulate your view when you're trying to use the menu.
  • The coordinates in the Unity scene don't correlate meaningfully with the real-world coordinates, making automated instantiation very difficult.
  • Because we are using the photomodels as the game objects which emit the particles, we aren't visualizing data from SUs that don't have a photomodel.
  • The menu looks like crap.


This page contains an overview of the objectives of the project and a description of ceramic styles.